Friday, January 25, 2008

Blogs More Interesting Than Cereal Boxes!

I blame my sister Megan for the McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal up my nose. 'Cause the thing is, I like reading. If I don't have something else to do with my eyes, I like to be reading. And lately, because after three years my DSL seems to be working continually (way to jinx it, ass), I've been sitting with the lap top at the kitchen table when I get up in the morning. Okay, it's really due to my obsession with Confessions of a Pioneer Woman and now checking to see how many people are reading my blog and sometimes checking to see if I've posted a new blog, but to my horror I'm caught up on The Pioneer Woman and bitch only posts like ONCE a day, and really there's only so many people (three) (naw, I'm kidding) reading my blog, and going to my own blog is, honestly, useless. So I thought I'd actually read the blogs Megan recommends, hence the oatmeal in my nose. 'Cause Finslippy was talking about a stinky book she got out of the library. And instead of putting down my spoon, I just kept eating and laughing. And I want to say to you, just say no to eating and laughing.

But golly reading blogs is way more interesting than the cereal box (even though how cool is it that I actually KNOW the woman on my All-Bran Buds box [a cereal I can highly recommend. It's like tiny delicious pieces of Styrofoam. And your colon will be thrilled!]. It's Kat Sawyer who was at my old voiceover agency. I see her picture a lot. She's a very attractive "older" woman (read: not very old) who I believe at one point actually had hints of gray put in her hair on purpose to succeed in a different acting age group. And she's nabbed it. I've even seen her hanging above the prescription counter at Target. Not in effigy, though. That would be weird. Just as a "smiling woman" in a photo.). The thing is, you can only read a cereal box so many times before you lose your will to live. And don't get me started on a tube of toothpaste. Sometimes you're just desperate for reading material.

I should go now.



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