Sunday, March 16, 2008


Is it too early for results? I don't think so, not when your treatment worked immediately. This business of not turning on the television? REMARKABLE! Look at me remark on it! I am freakishly full of energy. My house is both clean and neat. I have fresh fruit. My email in-box is almost empty. I feel like the greatest person ever. Well, I secretly nearly always feel like the greatest person ever, but lack of TV has made me vocal about it. I do seem to be getting a bit of a meegraine (as my old English boss used to say it), but I blame THE WIND.

Now I'm gonna go read for as long as I damned well please. Or at least until my head explodes. I could take some preventive medicine, which of course is the only thing that might put a stop to this meegraine. But it seems so reactionary! I'm gonna see if food helps first.

I love everybody!


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